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SexLab Framework SE v1.63 for Kids

This is a recompile of the SexLab Framework for SE Beta 3. The only additional mod it contains is xxxUtility by Vistarrr. Additional utility mods (such as SexLab Aroused) may be integrated in the future. Most of the mods on this list use sexlab, so do get it.

xxsUtility 2020 by neabus
It allows you to detect child characters in game and has some additional integration with sexlab. It will save your sexlab alignment adjustments.

Devious Devices / ZaZ for children and HPL Bodyslide
Devious Devices and ZaZ 8+ SE for kids with bodyslide for HighPolyLolitta Race

Sexlab P+ Child patch by huhuhu4342


Children Player Voice Enhanced by Neabus
Dynamic voice replacer for child NPCs. Is included with xxsUtility 2020, but is also here as a standalone in case you want it seperate.

Sexlab - Remove default animations by TexOperator
Removes the stock/base animations from sexlab.

Additional sexlab animations

These will require you to use SLAL (Sexlab Animation Loader) in-game. Make sure you run FNIS after you install or uninstall any of these.

Anubis Shota Animations

FunnyBiz Loli and Shota SLAL animations

Billyys Petite SLAL Animations by Billyy

Other animations

Animation mods that don't fall into other categories

Animated Parasites by BrayDelTor

Hentai Pregnancy Birthing Animation by Nines

SkyKids Races

Download: [v18May2020] | [ATF Thread]

Previews: [#1] | [#2] | [#3] | [#4] | [#5] | [#6] | [#7] | [#8]

Requires Actor Configuration Tool (former skykids.dll), linked below

Skykids for SSE

Actor Configuration Tool by Zelden

Highpoly Lolitta Reborn

Highpoly lolitta race as well as addons for it.

Highpoly Lolitta Race [v3.0 SSE] | [ATF Thread]

Previews: [#1] | [#2] | [#3] | [#4] | [#5] | [#6] | [#7]

By neabus and Shota

Bodyslide for Highpoly Lolitta 3 by Neabus

HPL Body Personalizer by Neabus

HPL Hybrids by TexOperator

HPL Toddler Race by Boie

SOS Female addon for Highpoly Lolitta by Neabus

SOS Female none addon for Highpoly Lolitta by Husker
An empty SOS preset that is designed to work in tandem with the female schlong addon so that not every female HPL gets a schlong. With the 2 active, you can adjust the ratios with the SOS mod config menu

KS Hairdos SMP for Highpoly Lolitta by Neabus

The kids are alright - HPL Overhaul by Husker

Feminine Argonian Chameleon HPL by Husker

HPL Mannequins by Neabus

Kaliles Brows and asymmetrical brows for HPL by Neabus

Starsight eyes (Ushi's Extras for HPL) by Ushi

Eyes of Aber for HPL by Ushi

Elemental eyes for HPL by Ushi

Cherry eyes for HPL by Ushi

Witcher eyes for HPL by Ushi

Glowing eyes for HPL by Ushi

Kala eyes for HPL by Ushi

Better female eyebrows for HPL by Ushi

Maevans2 eyebrows for HPL by Ushi

SG brows for HPL by Ushi

HPL Sacrosanct patch by Solus
Use this if you want to use Sacrosanct with a HPL race

HPL Vampire Lord Replacer by Nines

Several Mods HPL Patches SSE by Hamster
Thread includes HPL patches for: 3DNPC, Immersive world encounters, Inconsequential NPCs, Outlaws and Revolutionaries, Oakwood, Beyond Reach, Helgen Reborn, Slaverun

HPL Female Bubble Bottom Addon by TexOperator

Loli Nord Race

Download: [v1.3] | [ATF Thread]

Previews: [#1] | [#2] | [#3]

This is a conversion of Lumina's UNPnano body for SSE, as well as Fair Skin Complexion, and Adorable Face meshes and textures. You will be able to create some very high-quality loli (and shota) characters for SSE now. This race requires, and replaces, the Young Nord race (YgNord) from Enhanced Character Edit SE. This also includes, optionally, additional eyes and brows, loli (and shota) player voices, and an equipable Schlongs of Skyrim penis, if you want to make a trap (or shota) character.

By Wasabi Ice Cream


RCOTS Races Main 1.9

FriendChildren RCOTS 1.9



RCOTS FriendChildrenRemake 3.1B Full

RCOTS Tiny Shota Schlongs (SOS-Version) for SkyrimSE

RCOTS LoliLabs 2.1

RCOTS Armorpack 1.7

RCOTS Armorpack 1.9


RCOTS Cots Armor 2.1

RCOTS ImmersiveArmor

RCOTS TeraArmor


UB Girls Fixed

CCCP RCOTS Armor SSEv1 (7 parts)

UB boy patch SSE


Male Pack for X117 Meshes-SSE

Male Pack for X117 Textures (2 part)

RCOTS Legendary Bikini Armors Lolifier

A mod that alters the Legendary Bikini Armors to switch to a loli version when equipped by a custom race. Requires RCOTS and Legendary Armors - Bikini SSE Beta SE

Bikini Armors here:


SOS-RCOTS 1.9 Friendchildren SE

Yuricon Race

Loli race mod for Skyrim SE, based on pomf streamer Yuricon's Elin Race character

by TexOperator

Hit Kiki Race

Anime loli race mod for skyrim SE

Armor and Clothing

Single armors as well as armor packs for kids.

The amazing world of bikini armor for HPL by Neabus

CCCP - Armor and Clothing Pack

HPL Osare Panties and Undies by Ushi

Tera Armor Collection HPL Conversion (fixed)

BD Armor and clothes replacer for HPL by Neabus

Various armors for HPL by 5chars

DX Gwelda Red Riding Hood for HPL by Neabus

DX Cassandra Frost Witch outfit for HPL by Neabus

Barely there bikini for HPL by Ushi

DX Sotetta Huntress for HPL by Neabus

DX Celes Rogue SSE for HPL by TexOperator

DX Succubus (Mazken) Armor for HPL and bodyslide by Neabus

XN Rondo Breeze for HPL by Ushi

Saint Seiya Aries Gold Armor by Neabus

HPL Animal Pajama by Neabus

Collar SE by Husker

HPL Open Monk robes for girl HPL by Neabus

DX Dark Knight armor HPL by Neabus

RyanReos Primrose Egypt SMP Armor - HPL by Neabus

x117Ero Armor Collection SE Conversion

Lewd armor for Skykids and HPL by Johann7124

Non-lewd armor for Skykids and HPL by Johann7124
A more sfw option for those times you don't want the lewd

x117 Male armor pack fixed

Equippable Tails by Husker

Loli Underwear and Panties for HPL by Husker

Boys Armor Project by WindhelmBoy

The (boys) Side Project by WindhelmBoy

Zelda Link outfit by Neabus

Hair packs

Most of the races include their own hairs, but here are some additional ones as well.

Oblivion hair pack SSE

SG hairs

Wasabi - Spice of Life

A gigantic self-installing mod pack by WasabiIceCream. Hundreds of mods in one self-installing file. Check the thread for details

Solus's SSE Conversions, Mods, and Patches

Main thread here. Please read it in order to set up the mods properly.

Solus' all in one pack
A huge mod pack containing a lot of loli and shota centric mods. There are also video instructions to help you install the mod if needed in the thread and on the part 1 download page. These are modular installers which let you pick and choose which mods to install and which ones not to.

Part 1 - Requirements files. These are absolutely required to run anything from the Solus' all in one packs. You must download and install both of the part 1 files.
Requirements 1 of 2 -
Requirements 2 of 2 -

Part 2 - Races. You only will need one of the part 2 files
UNP HighPolyLolitta -
UNP Dolls -
CBBE Teen dolls -
CBBE dolls -

Part 3 - Solus' converted NPCs

Part 4 - Followers and adoptables

Part 5 - Sexlab and Quests

Part 6 - Deviants delight
You will need both files for this download
File 1 -
File 2 -

Part 7 - Locations

Part 8 - Lolirim and Shotarim
Contains loli and shota centric loading screens, flags, banners, and shield decals

The thread also includes many other patches, mods, and conversions made by Solus. Some include:

    Solus' skyrim SSE AIO
    Solus's Sexy Skyrim SE
    UUNP Bodyslide Presets - Normal and ATF versions
    Loli and Shota Player Voice Overhaul SSE
    Followers and Adoptables
    NPC Replacers
    Integrated Child Patches
    Sex Lab Stuff
    PsiKotics Necromancy Mod SSE
    Devious Devices Loli Gags and Piercings
    UD's Loli/Shota Statue of Winterhold College SSE
    UD's Loli/Shota Statue of Talos SSE
    ATF Loading Screens
    OOPS - Order of Pan Su SSE
    Oblivion Hair pack SSE
    Teen Voice SSE
    Devious Followers
    TDF Aroused Rape SSE
    TTLL Ship SSE
    Necro's Delicious Loli Loading Screens
    Sexist Guards Loli Edition
    Source Scripts Master File - Modder Resource
    Gypsy Eyes Caravan SSE
    Skyrim SE Settlment System
    NiNi Armors
    Widget Mod SSE
    Lillith Tools SSE
    Sweet Lolis SE
    Shota Camp Boys SSE
    The Isle of Mara SSE
    Devious Devices for Him SSE
    Empire Builder 2.5 SSE
    Pocket Empire Builder 1.49 SSE

List of 'SexLab Stuff' as of Aug 2023:

    SexLab ICP
    SexLab Dialogues ICP
    SexLab Amorous Adventures + Extended ICP
    SexLab Aroused SSE ICP (Redux 2.9)
    SexLab Cumshot ICP
    SexLab Beastess ICP
    SexLab Kidnapped ICP
    SexLab PSQ Player Succubus Quest ( Dolls UUNP Preset )
    SexLab PSQ Player Succubus Quest (HPL)
    SexLab Scent of Sex ICP
    SexLab Aroused Creatures ICP
    SexLab Defeat ICP
    SexLab Sex Slaves ICP (Mia's Lair 6.3a)
    SexLab Deadly Drain

Loli and Shota followers

Some beautiful companions to come along with you on your travels

Elise, Hanako, and Sierra by Captialism

Hybrid HPL M'rissi Replacer by boie

M'rissi HPL conversion + loli voice by Captialism

HPL Ghost Merchant SE by Husker

HPL Arissa & Cerwiden SSE by boie

Khash the Argonian HPL by boie

Ultra Skykids Followers (more than 50 girls of all ages) by MoonShadow, ported by Ententreter

Lydia Housecarl HPL and Audio Replacer by Ushi

Recorder - Standalone HPL Teen by Husker

Mirai - The girl with the dragon heart HPL by Husker

Belle Delphine HPL teen conversion by BurnTyre

Shadowman's Flirty Courier Lolified by kamithemoon

Serana HPL conversion and loli voice by Captialism

Chitama Princess followers lolified by Neabus

Lolification AIO by Johann7124
Main four factions (Companions, Mage Guild, Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild) female characters overhaul

HPL Some Diversity by Husker

Celyria - HPL Follower by Husker

Sassy Teen Girls (CBBE)

Moerder and Mortadella by Ententreter

The Kids Are Alright Final Cut SE

Donna ported by Ententreter

Ersilia ported by Ententreter

Roridia, Lolidias little sister ported by Ententreter

Squire Zodnick SE by Navigator0047

Futa Follower Katie by BurnTyre and Nines

Crafty the little thief by Neabus

Kellvyn the little hunter by Neabus

Nora the Cute Imperial by Neabus

Coraline the cute Healeress by Neabus

Floria Child Follower by Solus

Inigo HPL Shotafied by NoodleFace

More Children for Skyrim by BurnTyre

HPL Sofia by skygits

HPL Sofia Teen & Young Conversion by Ushi

HPL 3 Sofia (teen) by Ushi

Livia Salvian custom voiced follower by Ushi

Kellvyn the Little Hunter (HPL) by Neabus

HPL Vilja by skygits

Patricia ported by Ententreter

Cute Valerica Replacer ported by Ententreter

Cute Serana Replacer ported by Ententreter

Torte ported by Ententreter

Nessa ported by Ententreter

Vimune Khajiit follower by Solus

HPL Miraak Replacer by Nines
Dragonborn follower patch:

Maxine the Zombie

3 legal elves ported by Ententreter


HPL Cicera
Cicera, a Cicero replacer. And now lolified.

The Kids are all followers
Patch for TKAA that makes them followers instead of adoptables

Yana Basic Loli Follower by Apone3k

HPL cmuse followers 1.0 by LunchMan
Adds 4 adoptable follower lolis to the orphanage at Riften. Original source from comicalmuse mods on Nexus converted to HPL3

Kakarotty HPL by Boie

Lively Followers - Jack & Nate by Wyvern10

Kurone Followers child conversion by GranIddis

HPL cmuse followers by LunchMan

Buckethead loli edition by GranIddis

Lamae follower by GranIddis

Woo children by GranIddis

HPL Fjotra replacer by LunchMan

The kids are lewd ultimate renewal by Kibazatzue

Faction overhauls

Companions Character overhaul

Thieves guild character overhaul

Winterhold College character overhaul

Dark Brotherhood Character overhaul


Adoptable kids in your game

Yumi adoptable child by Wessteel12

Emily Adoptable child by Weststeel12

New Lands Addon Mods

These mods will add or modify content to new lands mods. See their individual pages for requirements.

Bruma HPL SSE by Korgi Silvercloud

More Children Bruma addon by BurnTyre
Adds an orphanage in the Bruma region, some adoptables, and some random kiddos.

Populated Solstheim SE - HPL Replacer by Husker

Falskar SE - HPL by Husker

New Lands

Loli and shota centric new lands mods

Atheron - Kingdom of Children by BurnTyre

Lagoon (Highpoly Lolitta) by Husker

Aether Dreams by Nines, BurnTyre, Cascade


Loli and shota centric quest mods as well as patches for existing quest mods.

Ancient Profession ICP by Lolibyte

OOPS - Order of Pan Su HPL edition by BurnTyre

OOPS Voiced and spelling errors corrected by kamithemoon

Fairy Adventure by Neabus

Himsgard Island and Namira's Inn by BurnTyre

Live another loli/shota life by Nines

Dovahkiins Infamy

Dibella sisterhood SE HPL edition by Solus

Animal Mansion Plus SSE by Unicorn1981

Death consumes all HPL patch by Ushi
Patches to change Livia and her voice

Sexlab Standalone patches and mods

Popular sexlab addons and plugins with child checks removed, as well as some sexlab addons exclusive to ATF. ICP = Integrated Child Patch

Sweet Lolis by Lunatsuki, update by Frodnar

Sexlab aroused creatures SE ICP by SomeRandomUser17

Sexlab dirty deeds ICP by SomeRandomUser17

ATF Succubus/Incubus mod by TexOperator

Spectator Crowds SE patches by Husker

Sexlab Anime Shota Voices AIO by Tessory

Sexlab Music by Nines

Louder Sex Moans for xxsUtility by Husker
Requires xxsUtility. See download page for more info.

SLEN - Sexlab Eager NPCs ICP by WasabiIceCream

Sex Slaves for bandits lolified by BrayDelTor

Sexlab Defeat Fixed

Sexlab Aroused ICP by Solus
Most of the sexlab mods will require this, so make sure to grab it.

Sexlab aroused creatures ICP by Solus
Arousal system for creatures

Sexlab stats Manipulator by Lezztat

Sexlab Dialogues ICP by Solus

Puppetmaster ICP by Solus

Sexlab defeat ICP by Solus

Sexlab cumshot ICP by Solus

Sexlab kidnapped ICP by Solus

Bestial Essence patch by BrayDelTor

Sexy Starting Options by BrayDelTor
For the alternate start addon

Sweet Lolis SE

Captured Dreams ICP by Solus

Sexlab Beastess ICP by Solus

Devious followers ICP by Solus

Deviously helpless ICP by Solus

Deviously cursed loot ICP by Solus

Devious devices All In One ICP by Solus

Sexlab Sex Slave All in one ICP by Solus

Sexlab deadly drain ICP by Solus

Player Succubus Quest by Solus

Sexlab Random Sex + ATF by Husker

Fertility Mode by ObaaChan

Fertility Mod Fixes and Updates 2.60 HPL by RandyLua
Updates mode 3.0.1 base with the more recent fixes and tweaks updates on the Nexus

Patch for sexlab honey by vjnmrf8

Louder Sex Moans for xxsUtility by Husker

SexLab Rape Spell with Victimize by Unknown
Rape spell for player and NPCs. See

Paradise Halls child patch 8.1.6+ by Granlddis
Should work with more recent versions of PAHE.

Paradise halls Child Voice 1.0 by Granlddis

Home Sweet Home Child voice 1.0 by Granlddis

DiaryOfMine child voice 1.0 by Granlddis

xVASynth Diary Of Mine for Paradise Halls [WIP] Child voice 4.7.3 by Granlddis
Update to the above DiaryOfMine voice file for more recent versions of DoM

Other Mod Conversions

Ententreter's SSE Conversions by Ententreter
A lot of LE mods converted to SE.

Odin's SSE Stuff by Odin
Mostly followers as well as some armor conversions

alex243 Lolified and other Conversions for SE

Sleep Tight for Kids SE

Jaxonz Positioner SE and Jaxonz Furnishings SE

TKAA Loli Nude Patch using UUNP (new) Teen Body with new texture for SE

PegasusKoga's Conversions for SkyKids Shotas by PegasusKoga

Houses, properties, locations, and world

Mods that add player homes, estates, mansions, castles, etc as well as mods that affect the world around you or the environment.

MoonShadow House by Solus

TTLL Ship by Solus

Sex Slaves for bandits by BrayDelTor
Will add loli and shota sex slaves to bandit camps

Sex Slaves for bandits lolified by GrumpyOM

Underground bathhouse HPL by Solus

Loli and Shota statues SSE by UlithiumDragon
Will change the college of winterhold and talos statues


Creature Galore by TexOperator

Child Mannequins SSE by Johann7124

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch for 1.5.97 by Johann7124

BurnTyre's Book of Recipes by BurnTyre

Battlecat SE by TexOperator

Better Gold - Loli Edition by Bermik21

No, I'm not a wizard by Nines

TKAA Multi Adoptions compatibility patch by Cridonkun

LE Start Menu (For SE) by Dragonloli

K9 Follower & Mount 2 in 1 by TexOperator

WasabiHud by WasabiIceCream

Draugr Kids SE by Husker

Txo Nudist Skyrim by TexOperator

TxO Slavetats Addon by TexOperator

Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions TKAA Patch by raventoof

Spooky Scary Children by Nines

HPL F.E.M.A.L.E. by skygits

OOPS texture replacer by Bermik21
Replaces textures in Order of Pan Su Mod

Remove kid followers from childrens games by BurnTyre

Furniture height size fix enhanced by Neabus

Loli/Shota marriage patch by BurnTyre

Music plugin for TDF prostitution and pimping mod by BurnTyre

Loli-rim Main menu Randomizer by Solus
Will display a random loli image and some custom music when you first load into the game

Alternate Actors

Mihial's mods merged by Solus
Mihial monsters mods merged into 1

Lillith Tools SSE by Solus
Weapons and such

Gypsy eyes caravan
Moveable player home that includes a cart and horse

Crafting Bench Declutterer by Nines
Mod config based mod that will cull unwanted entries from your forge page. Only covers vanilla armors, and others with the proper patch.

Nude World Order ATF Edition by bigbossman0816

Modders utility

Utility files for modders. Some mod users may also be interested in these as well.

SSE cleaned master files by Solus

Modding tools collection by Solus
Various tools in a modder's toolkit in one download

Source scripts masterfile by Solus
Source scripts that are needed when compiling sexlab and other related mods. Generally good to just have these.

Sexlab Tags Reference by Nines
A .txt file referencing a lot of the tags used in sexlab. These can be used anywhere you might need to supply sexlab code with a tag.

Papyrus Script Dumps Forum thread
A thread for script dumps and common operations within creation kit and papyrus scripting for skyrim.

Shadowman's Friends Spoiled Sister Loli Voice by Boie
A voice type you can use for your followers, requires xEdit or creation kit to use