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The underlying philosophy behind the development of the project is two fold; firstly, to create a conflict free framework that addresses the technical issues and requirements of a child race mod. Secondly, to implement such a mod while emphasizing immersion and compatibility. We've gone to great lengths ensure inter-compatibility and a minimal footprint for the project. As it stands, the mod should not conflict with anything; in fact it is completely isolated from the vanilla formlists(this does cause a minor issue with hair/eye mods, which is discussed in more detail later). We've made sure everything is done cleanly and correctly, scaling for instance is handled via the race/actor scale values rather than on the skeleton, as one example of many.

Project features as it stands now:

  * Playable, functional, child versions of all vanilla races with both genders(including beast races!)
  * Extra standalone fantasy-styled races(optional)
  * Working vampirism, werewolf, and vampire lord form as well as racial quest checks(DB potage quest for instance)
  * Mostly complete(missing Babette, boys are WIP) replacement of vanilla+DLC child NPCs
  * All race assets are completely isolated from vanilla formlists and art assets, and will not conflict with anything(vanilla, mod content, or otherwise)
  * Custom body+textures for girls, with weight slider support(UNP UV layout)
  * Custom body+textures for boys, no weight slider support at present(Vanilla male UV layout, option for UNP UV body available)
  * Functional ARMA based armor swapper for transparent model swapping on equipment(more details below)
  * Complete set of child resized vanilla+dlc armor/clothes for boys(no weight slider support as the body doesn't support it)
  * Complete set of child resized vanilla+dlc armor and limited selection of clothes for girls(no weight slider support on these yet)


Skykids Race

Race mod. Has optional add-ons for Drow and Monli races and changing NPCs. Designed to be compatible with pretty much any other child or armor mod. By en_hawk. READ THE ENTIRE FIRST POST BEFORE INSTALLING! Seriously. Do it.

SK Nude Patch for Current Release!HZUh0axT!MSUv9IPhdss6Uh6oSqBZqRPlWp-T_lZuwRWVR8A4ZC0

Not Available at LL.

SK Nude Patch-Old Patch!bVdnmTyC!OyG5rBJ5OcK-IoZ2bmoxRX3-ga7rDb8v_2o_vjx4DAo

Includes files for both Drow and Monli. Not available at LL.

[DISCLAIMER]: This is the old patch for the version of SkyKids that used the now decrepit SkyProc armor swapper patcher. It is added for completion sake ONLY, and cannot be used with the current version. It is HIGHLY recommended that you update to the latest version of SkyKids in any case!

SK Alternate Male Body (non SOS)-Old Patch!MNwDGIpS!71I-n0qqiPXM6gZp8yym-qE8gCPksGeBn9HaTnNw4tE

An alternate male body for Sky Kids with a nude option.

Skykids Patches

A number of compatibility patches for Skykids, as well as plugins for hostile children.

CotS R2 Race Module for Skykids

Implements the old CotS race using SkyKids framework (same visuals, less bugs).

Draenei Race Module for Skykids

Adds race module based on the Draenei race from the Warcraft universe. Includes custom assets for horns, face tentacles, etc. as well as armor swapper support. By Ulithium_Dragon.

Scalegirl Race Module for Skykids

Reptilian/humanoid hybrid Loli race. Previously known as "Rorireptilian". By zixaphir

Faye Race + Follower

New race module for SkyKids - see thread for more info. By zixaphir

Devious Devices Stuff for Skykids!TJ8wkTia!RW7oo4auJqMzhmMbUeIS8_L6Zwre-A1BaaCmnA8oebU

Adds restrictive boots (Devious Devices Expansion) and gloves (Devious Devices Assets) meshes. Comes with the nipple and vaginal piercings that were in the "SK Devious Devices Assets Patch". For the new Skykids version. By Boltar69.

Devious Devices For Skykids

Replaces all the items from Devious Devices and the expansion to fit Skykids.

Loli New Thieves Guild Members

Turns the characters in "New Thieves Guild Members" to lolis (SkyKids).

(New) Pregnant Loli Body!wNJ0HZLZ!8Dq8qNnFcPumdVENvUBKmQmyq_M7LrmrC_eiIoT4sUk

Alternate female loli body with pregnancy-enabled belly scaling. Bodies included for both SkyKids and RCotS.

UUNP Lolibody for SkyKids (With PSB and HDT Pussy)

For the Vanilla, Drow and SKCotS races. See thread for details.

Underground Bathhouse - Skykids Edition

Underground Bathhouse Shota Boys patch for SkyKids

Original mod

RCOTS Clothing and Armor packaged for Skykids

Makes Glouf's armor conversions work with the SkyKids armor swapper.

This is set up for the New Skykids and the Alternative Boy Body, there is an optional version for the old version of Skykids.

AradiaLivingArmour - Jellyfish Edition for Skykids

Nornal version:!nF9F2SrL!83uXPjEan17CxB47o33KfYx-qhm6TxugsLne84IdSMg

HDT-Pussy version:!CAskzIwS!n_inn211nbSuVTGqwtYYvvbQCaRpdFgqY3IAjMiHtQU

"Jellyfish" armor conversion. Requires the original mod. By Boltar69.

Merta Assassin Armor for Skykids!AN4QxKwK!icNWUqTIfCYiZ44CfxpzmjZi27dD214OAtzvJvQ6AUU

Check this thread for more details. Requires the original mod.

Daedric female armor replacer for Skykids

Download link and details.

Children+SoulGemsSkykids 1.5 child patch

Original mod:

Skykids armor conversions by pieeater

Shota Trap Race

Adds a new shota trap race with custom assets (i.e. a new SoS penis). By zixaphir.

Skykids Child NPC Replacer Faces

By progressor1322.

Female Facial Animations for Skykids

Addds higher quality facial animations for the SkyKids races. By zixaphir.

SkyKids Armor Swapper - Missing Armors Pack

Adds some armor conversions that were never included with the base SkyKids mod, so children don't get boobs anymore. By Ulithium_Dragon

Skykids HDT Vagina and Bellyscaling For Armors

Adds belly scaling and a HDT vagina, Reshapes everything for a more childlike look, and removes boobs from all obtainable outfits for Skyrim and its DLC.

Skykids-Shaydows VampireLord Replacer

Skykids - All in One with Add-Ons (Including Extra Options)

A complete set of all the mods in a single mod that are found in the Shota/Loli Guide and Resources for SkyKids. Choose any extra needed, including the option of nude patches.

SkyKids Body Assets!aEUihZQL!EtG_SDxEOpJ8p15QQRUgtontGBSWWImefddKR1mrXYs

Primarily modder's resource, but also contains teen body meshes and textures.

Beast Race Universal Textures - Skykid edition

Edits textures of argonian/khajiit adult and skykid version for BOTH genders. Also edits fennec/Lykaios adult version and gives a hentai vampire lord a schlong.