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rimjobworld pedophilia extension


This mod is an extension to RimJobWorld, a mod for Rimworld that more-or-less adds a ton of adult themed features. This extension intends to balance the added content of RJW to be compatible and semi-believable when applied to younger pawns. This mod will try to add additional flavor by defining custom memories and other flavor text where applicable. The primary focus of the extension mod as opposed to previous iterations is to be as forwards-compatible as possible, so that new RJW features that do not explicitly break RJWPE will not require you to wait for updates to the extension mod in order to upgrade the base mod, while keeping a high level of configurability.

ChildrenRomance - allow underage romance!


This mod allows romance for underage Pawns, and comes with some configuration options.

Lewd Sculptures Loli Edition


This is my little personal mod that I'm sharing for others that may be interested. It is essentially a loli version of the original mod called Lewd Sculptures by SpiritCookieCake on LoversLab. Currently it includes 80+ loli textures of various quality for your loli loving pawns to craft at the art bench in huge, large or medium size sculptures out of various materials for different colors. No list of artist sources but if you want an original full image in color tell me which one(s) using image number in mod folder (example 11.png). I used various boorus such as ATF Booru.