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[Stellaris] Race Mod - The Empire of Sho-Li by Schitzcoi

Rimworld + Rimjobworld Lolified (and Shotafied)


Various mods to allow for child NPCs, children having sex and getting pregnant, etc. By BreadSlice.

Cally's Cave 3: Nude Sprite Edit


A nude sprite edit for the protagonist of Cally's Cave 3. By Ulithium_Dragon.

TERA Online: Child Nude Mods + Misc.


Nude edits to the various children for the races of the game TERA Online, plus tons of nude Elin edits. By Ulithium_Dragon.

[DB: Xenoverse] Supreme Kai & Pan (Nude Mod)


Nude edits for the game DB: Xenoverse. See thread for details. By Ghostx.

[Hentai High School +] Kids of Smallville


Revamp of the game's paperdoll system aimed to make it work with loli's and shota. Also, it adds loli/shota support to some events. Currently it already includes working paperdolls for 5-18 age with different body size instead of default binary student/adult system, a few loli/shota events + almoast full rework of the default GetPhysical system that now includes images for adult x kid, kid x kid, teen x kid. Mod is under constand development, and creator is open for any help or suggestions. By protofan.