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Note about Oblivion loli mods Please Read!

Oblivion only allows for one body mesh for all playable races! This means that a proper loli mod is impossible without destroying the appearance of any adults. Because of this, every single loli race I've seen uses a scaled version of whatever body you have installed, which looks pretty terrible nude. It is possible to get around this by using a wearable nude suit since clothes are allowed their own meshes, but I've never seen one.

Child's Annuad might get around this, but I haven't played with it yet. Children's of Cyrodiil has a child mesh(The only one for Oblivion I've ever seen) in the archive, but I haven't seen it anywhere in-game.


Children's Anuad


Adds children and clothing to the game. Please download this! It's near impossible to find by itself, afaik, because Mediafire removed the only link - I'd like to change that.

Childrens of Cyrodiil


Adds a child race, by elgado2k. Has nothing to do with the group that made Children of Wasteland.

Glass Armor Mashup (See-though)


An armor mashup/conversion made for Oblivion lolis. See the thread for more details, screenshots, and downloads. By Ulithium_Dragon.

MBP++(v0.9.8) x117++(v0.8test)


A patch for Modular Beautiful People and x117++? Can someone confirm?

Modular Beautiful People 2ch Edition 1.4


Check the description for the 4shared links. Adds a ton of races to the game, aiming at making the Oblivion racies less ugly.

MonsterGirl Collection


Check the link and replies for details.

Tanari Child Race and LAPF Futa body


Based on the XtraRace mod. Check the included readme file for instructions and this post for more details.

Tanari Race Book


Adds a book with erotic illustrations (of adults).

x117++ (v0.79)


Adds many new races to the game, including some that look fairly "young".



Adds quite a few loli and shota to the world, as well as sexual content for them, including a brothel for children. Original mod is all in Russian, but a complete English translation is available for download as well.

I made a large number of preview screenshots and videos when I was playing with it. If you want a more detailed look, see here: -Ulithium_Dragon