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Main Page

The purpose of this page is to keep track of mods, it's current version and the latest patch (if one exists or is even required). Instructions on how to make your own patch can be provided on the mod page itself.

Simple protection means that the mod only checks against "child flag" (IsChild) which means that there is no need to use a patch if the child race lacks it (for example, Skykids). Complex protection would mean blacklisting (or whitelisting) race (RaceName), voice (VoiceType), class (Child) etc.


Sexlab Mods

Name Version Patch Protection Notes
Sexlab Defeat 5.3.5 5.3.5 Simple -
Sexlab Aroused Creatures v04.0 Beta 05 Patch v04.0 Beta 05 Patch Simple -
SD+ 3.6.2 3.6.1 Simple -
Devious Devices - integration v4.2 v4.2 complex -
BeeingFemale Version 2.8 Fix 1 [Version 2.7 Fix 1 Available] complex incompatible atm


Name Version Patch Notes
Shia Follower 1.0 1.0 -
B 1.0 1.0 -
C 1.0 1.0 -


Name Version Patch Notes
A 1.0 1.0 -
B 1.0 1.0 -
C 1.0 1.0 -