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Four-Play v0.0.82 - Child Patch

Removed the child blocks from the Four-Play sex framework. NOTE: Out of date. Use the child patched version from here instead.

Four-Play - Four-Lei v0.82 PLUS - Child Patch

Merged the changes made by the Four-Play Child Patch with the Four-Lei compatibility patch. NOTE: Out of date. Use the child patched version from here instead.

AAF Beta 1 - Child Patch

Removes the child blocks from AAF

AAF Beta 24 - Child Patch!IzRBHYCT!ocDeN4_Qp6YjRZehm0eyz33d746gPcn4DJkiRFc80r8

Removes child blocks from AAF

AAF Beta 35 - Child Patch!BnYFGSZT!h2AK12mTFpqSSYzaOrKDoq1dDnA-dj-gE45moUGtPAw

Removes child blocks from AAF

Fallout 4 Slavery System (F4SS) Child Patch v0.82

Removes the blocks that disallow the capturing of children.

Children Extended - Separated Meshes and Textures for each Gender and Race

A framework mod that separates the body files for male and female children, allowing you to have a nude replacer for each one (so you don't get girls penises or boy pussies).

As a precaution against a future "Nexus takedown", a mirror of the above file can be found here (version 1):!IBgiXQqB!GNov-7QbIcXPs18YjtjeQZzZsMJTOqa8TmMY_sDqfR8

Children Extended - Loli/Shota Patch

Changes the Textures/Meshes for nude boys and girls.

Playable Children

A very basic (but functional) playable child races mod. See the above link for more details, and be sure to fully read the description on the mod's page!

Playable Children Patches

A collection of patches to make the Playable Children mod compatible with other mods that edit children, such as Diverse Children, Orphans of the Commonwealth, and Raider Children.

Nude Shota Body (CBBE)

A custom made CBBE-based shota body for the boys. By NudeModLover and Ulithium_Dragon.

Female Child Nude Patch (Vanilla Races)!NUgWxKQT!la5UzwA2OPgnmjrnWSB_e8MlOhL-ZSLN6aq7ogGWZxA

A simple nude patch for the vanilla female children. By trvsbckl.

Original link here.

[WARNING]: This will affect the male children as well, because they share the same textures. You need to install the mod "Children Extended" to fix this (see the next entry).